Centrifuga hettich rotofix 32a manual

ROTOFIX 46 | H CUSTOM Package. Hettich offers a complete centrifuge product range from small microliter centrifuges, compact tabletop centrifuges, medium to large benchtop centrifuges, high capacity benchtop centrifuges and floor standing centrifuges for general purpose and specialty applications. For decades, the ROTOFIX 32 A has set the standard in daily lab routine thanks to its versatility and solid construction. But not only is the ROTOFIX 32 A ideally equipped for tasks in clinical chemistry, it can also play a vital role also be used for the preparation of samples in industrial and research laboratories. The ROTOFIX 32 A is a rugged, versatile and indispensable centrifuge for routine laboratory tasks in doctors’ practices and small hospitals. When using Hettich equipment, please refer to your products operators manual for important safety and product- use instructions. The benchtop centrifuge spins sample volumes up to 6 x 94 ml, 40 blood collection tubes or 8 x 50 ml conical tubes with a simple user interface. Andreas Hettich Gartenstraße 100 D- 78532 Tuttlingen, hereby certify that centrifuge model( s) ROTOFIX 32 is ( are) manufactured in accordance with the following standards and regulations: EN 61010 part 1 and 2 EN 55011 in addition the following national standards and regulations are applied: VBG 0 VBG 4 BS 4402 VBG 7z ROTOFIX 32 A Operator’ s Manual. Hettich’ s cytology rotors are compatible with most existing funnel/ slide systems and have bio- containment lids. Centrifuga hettich rotofix 32a manual. The ROTOFIX 32 is a microprocessor- controlled centrifuge which is comprised of the following electrical components: • Control panel • Power board • Motor • Speed sensor ( Tacho) • Brake resistor with overtemperature fuse • Lid lock system • Imbalance switch All electronic components are on mains, due to the DC- coupling.
Operator' s manual for model( s) ROTOFIX 32 A.