Sureflap cat door manual

Trading as Sure Petcare. Also See for SureFlap MICROCHIP CAT FLAP. Installation help. ® Mount SureFlap in the hole with the main assembly ( battery cover) inside the house.

Are made to a door to install the cat flap:. View more Adobe Illustrator CC ( WindowsT15: 23: 26+ 01. For details of where to purchase this adaptor see our website www. • 15- digit microchips ( also known as FDXB).
Instruction Manual 3- 22 Gebrauchsanweisung23- 43 Hadleiding44- 63. Microchip compatibility checker. In practice, however, mounting is usually dictated by features in the door into which the unit will be installed.
Cat Flap Positioning The Sureflap instructions ideal height of the SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap is such that the base of the tunnel is the same height above the ground as your cat’ s stomach. Microchip cat flap. - 4- way manual lock. Page 8 Clean off any loose debris, dust and dirt from the door before you install SureFlap, see figure 5. Also See for MICROCHIP CAT FLAP. Sure Flap MICROCHIP CAT FLAP Instruction Manual.

Changes are made to a door for mounting the cat flap: 1) Insert batteries and leave for 10s with nothing in the tunnel so the sensors can. SureFlap MICROCHIP CAT FLAP User Manual. In order to aid installation into glass doors or windows SureFlap also produces a glass mount adaptor. Register warranty. Frequently asked questions.

Sureflap cat door manual. The SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap is compatible with all the following types of microchip commonly used for pets. SureFlap Microchip. Importantly, please. Please read all these instructions BEFORE fitting the SureFlap cat flap.