Zappos employee training manual

A focus on employee happiness. Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh ( pronounced ‘ Shay’ ), has been instrumental in sustaining this level of success. Zappos Employee Handbook. Zappos understands the importance of sufficient training and submerges each new employee in it’ s in- house program to learn about the dynamic company culture, the business processes, and strategy.

After about one week of what appears to be a normal training, things get kind of insane. Com in, was created simply to help share the Zappos Culture with the world. Mar 26, · 6 Inspiring Employee Handbook Examples.

We all know Zappos pays new employees to quit – which is becoming a widespread practice among the titans of corporate America, but if you think people are your biggest asset – you should think twice according to Tony Hsieh:. Zappos culture is holding the door open for someone, helping out on the phones during the holidays, 1500 employees embracing the downtown move, wearing a costume on a Wednesday for the hell of it, wrapping an entire team’ s desks in plastic wrap, having a meeting in a bedazzled spaceship, calling your coworkers family, taking a Science of Happiness class and then walking over to listen to Sir. Feb 09, · How Zappos WOWs Its Employees Published on February 9,.
Zappos employee training manual. And for good reason. Dec 04, · It all starts with training. 00 to leave – and this is around 4 weeks of pay for the employees.
00 to leave the company. Jul 13, · About one week into their call centre training, Zappos offers employees $ 3, 000. We are humbled by the attention Zappos has received and all the questions we get about. One of his secrets? It starts with people.

At the end of the training. Zappos Insights, a company started by Zappos. Or should I say, a pipeline of people. All employees at Zappos are required to go through a month- long new hire training. Yep, that means YOU!

If candidates haven’ t become Zappos insiders, committed to the values and culture, then the company really prefers that they leave. Apr 18, · The Zappos training engine: Step One. For the last seven years Zappos has made Fortune’ s list of “ 100 Best Companies to Work For, ” ranking 86 in.

Then Zappos makes The Offer:. Other companies take a more inspired approach by turning the stodgy employee handbook into a clear articulation of the company.